A glimpse of Nattfjelldalen – Idjaávži- Koppakuru – through the portal to the spectacular valley – Photo: Geir Østereng

About the National Park

Varangerhalvøya / Várnjárga /Varenkinniemi offers its visitors an ancient landscape of Arctic tundra, boulder fields, rich wetlands and riparian valleys with rivers that run to the Varanger Fjord and Barents Sea.

About our Protected Landscape Area and Nature Reserves

The National Park Authority manages a wide spectrum of areas of unique geology, natural habitat, and wildlife. In addition to the National Park, it also manages a Protected Landscape Area and three Nature Reserves that share common boundaries.

Tent in Sandfjorddalen in july. Photo: Randulf Valle

Photo: Geir Østereng

Experience the Varanger peninsula

The Varanger peninsula offers wild nature and spectacular landscapes. Unforgettable outdoor experiences await, both within and outside the National Park. Some areas have provisions for visitor use and overnight trips.

Flora, Fauna and Geology

In this region you will encounter species from Eastern Siberia and the Arctic alongside more southerly species.
Varanger is a paradise for birdwatchers and geologists.

Photo: Vian

Outdoor information point at the Varanger Sámi Museum in Utsukbahta/Varangerbotn. Photo: Geir Østereng

Access Points and Information Placards

At the National Park access points, you can hike into the National Park.
To find out more about the protected areas in Varanger read the information placards in the Varangerbotn museum grounds and visit the Kiberg/Bierge information centre (open in summer).

History – those who were here before us

The wild, natural, and remote Varanger peninsula has been home to people since the Stone Age.

Photo: Digitalt museum

Photo: Alfred Ørjebu

Reindeer husbandry

The National Park manages the nature and grazing pasture areas for one of Norway’s largest herding districts of semi-domestic reindeer.

Management and monitoring

The Varanger Peninsula National Park Management committee are the regulatory body that manage the Varanger region’s protected areas and implement any necessary protection and conservation measures. The Norwegian Nature Surveillance (SNO) organisation is responsible for practical monitoring activities both inside the Park and in the whole Varanger region – thus, they also assist with the management actions in the park, under direction of the National Park committee.

Photo: Geir Østereng